Emperor fetes 79th birthday

先日の英会話レッスンで読んだDaily Yomiuriのトップニュースが天皇誕生日(一般参賀)だった。タイムリーすぎて、写真を見ながら「It’s me!」と言ったら、先生は爆笑していました。


Emperor fetes 79th birthday

Jiji-Daily Yomiuri

More than 20,000 well-wishers thronged the Imperial Palace grounds on Sunday to celebrate the Emperor’s 79th birthday, according to the Imperial Household Agency.

The Emperor appeared on the balcony of the Chowaden reception hall three times in the morning along with the Empress, the crown prince and princess, as well as Prince and Princess Akishino, to receive the wishes of 21,950 people, up 1,000 from last year.

Regarding his health, the Emperor told the crowd, “Please feel at ease, as I live life normally.”

Before the flag-waving revelers, the Emperor, waving, also said: “I intend to spend the days ahead wishing everyone the greatest joy, especially people who were devastated [by the Great East Japan Earthquake].”

In the afternoon, a celebratory feast with Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and others and a tea party with foreign ambassadors as guests were held in the palace.



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